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hello everyone welcome to another video it is francesco here i hope everyone is doing very well now you’re probably wondering this title looks super click beatty and you are right the 20 minute dissertation does sound quite weird and I just want to be clear on this this is not paid this is something that was able to experiment with my final year of university and was able to apply so if you’re a student and you will find this valuable for your final year or a project you’re working on maybe it’s a long bit of coursework this can all be applied to that so I wanted to give you some actual advice about how you can do 20 minutes any dissertations day and not go over that time necessarily so just before we start I just to let you know in description that we were PDF are over viewing everything all the information of this so that will give you some additional value you can save it for later or anything like that share it with a friend and it will help you to apply these concepts so let’s get started so what was my dissipation my dissertation title was called do coffee shops use loyalty schemes and it so does the customer attention improve or reduced because of this now I will through the full title I think it’s actually slightly different from that it was an 8,000 word research piece so I had between believe it was November time to May time to complete that now what I did is I sort of did all the research and things like that separately and obviously did the 8,000 word piece and I finished that in 90 days collectively so I want to explain how I was able to do that and sort of demonstrate how I was able to limit myself 20 minutes a day now just to be clear I studied business at Plymouth University a four-year course with an industrial placement so I did at two years a placement and their final year where I did my dissertation my sis station was in business so again a very generalized topic not a niche specific subject so just mentioning that at the end that you might have to enlarge certain areas of this just to improve and improve your chances of effectively doing so my rules were over the 90 days I set myself to do this bit of work believe it was during February and February all the way to April time that was the time I had to do my dissertation I limit myself between this x to 9 minutes a day at the limit I wouldn’t do any more or any less of course there were some slight differences are outside of that I had to do the research which was the only bottleneck bottleneck in this experience I use quantitative research so I went around the survey people in coffee shops but it didn’t really take a huge amount of time which I’ll explain in the end so how to get started what you need to do is take a 20 minute block of time take that 20 minutes and find it for me it was between 7:30 and 7:15 in the morning a.m. and this was the the reason was this because I work at the 7:00 until 7:30 and I would do all my meditation things like that between 7:30 and 7:50 I would do my work and then during the daytime from 8:00 till 5:00 I would do my freelancing work where I worked full-time on other projects and word clients so I was doing I was basically in to introduce this process because it would be in dead time time that I didn’t actually have and basically I created that time so that I could do my decision without it affecting my daytime role so find that bit of time and set yourself a target for each time so if you’re spreading it over 90 days over 90 days what you need to do is set yourself target maybe it’s 400 words per time you do it in that 20 minutes you need to be headphones in focus or whether you don’t have headphones find the open space of relaxed space to do all that work in and make sure you hit that word count the goal is to make sure you hit the word count as fast as you can if you want for that doesn’t matter Warfel way just hit the word count before you hit anything else it doesn’t matter if you have like blanks where it says like for example you know dead attendant research and you leave a blank then that way you can come back to later and add that all there basically the concept is if you find a bottleneck whether it’s research or anything save that bottleneck for later you want to take those 20 minutes and basically just run with it so for example what I would do is that write a long piece and I’d actually just leave blanks with ideas and I would just write a fact here and track their ad history information their ad fact there and I would just keep typing even though I wouldn’t necessarily be you know knowing the research or the information yet I would put alternatives and I would add all of the information at a later date maybe the next session would be doing some research and I would add that in next time but that 20 minutes should be a batch period of time whether you’re writing researching or getting things all formatted that should be a batched period of time to complete one sole task so just to give you some notes as well on this I read two books during actually well before this I use one called the 4-hour workweek which into integrated some includes the 8020 rule it’s called Pareto’s law this is on to the youtube video in the description basically this helped me apply the 80/20 rule basically giving you a like a way to cut out any fat unnecessary items and tasks to do inside of them so that was a useful way to avoid any unnecessary things and another book which was called sprint it was so valuable basically it was taking a five-day workweek and basically condensing a minimal Viable Product so the idea is to get your basic structure out versus get incomplete beautiful thing done you get the structure out build on it build on it building it versus actually making it beautiful as you go forward so that was one of the two books that really did help me write this piece so how to get the grave of this one first topic wise I chose something that was very unique for example coffee shops no one else was choosing coffee shops the reason I chose coffee shops because I worked in them daily I was around coffee shops I could have access to people around me to get that data so if you have an edge in some area so for example let’s say you work part-time in the zoo maybe you should do about zoos if you work part if your parents are both doctors and you want to do about doctors write about doctors because you have access to information so what I would say is associated if your I mean if you’re looking to avoid time if you’re looking to save time associate your topic to the data that you have around you the other thing I was doing as well was going into research papers and using references section to find other papers I wasn’t necessarily trawling through other paper so I would find one paper analogous use the references to find the rest that say the heaps amount of time I used ref me to capture clings quickly I didn’t you know have a rapid amount I’ve use that tools to reduce time as well so the first twenty to forty day was focused on hitting word count for 20 minutes every morning I would try and hit the word count each time every time I was trying to get as many words down as possible that was where the first 40 days would look like and in the next 40 days I would basically finish up the word count and basically tweak and research ad research ad and just keep layering this on top and I didn’t go out of those periods of time because I knew that that period of time was dedicated that section I know that a lot of people what they do is they go okay I’m going to spend five hours in the library today and then go I’m not leaving until I do these five hours well that’s sitting very old age concept and potentially very dangerous because you’re pushing yourself to work with those hours and what you could be doing is reducing the time and forcing the time to work an intense period of proactive time so if you’re looking to do this I recommend doing it alone don’t follow don’t go with anyone to live with there’ll be distractions don’t necessarily spend over the time you want to on this and and stick with those 20 minutes remember that if it’s quality versus quantity that’s what a lot of people get wrong and final years they tend to follow all that friends with I need to go and work solidly in the library and not getting worked up and the final 10 days of those 90 days what I did is I used 30 minutes always slightly increased it by 10 minutes and what every morning to format it and get ready and then I used I think like 20 minutes to print it in the library so as you can imagine that looks very complicated in a process so I’ve added everything in a PDF below to sort of visualize that as hi mine and maybe even help ask yourself a few questions there’s a template in there too for you to go away and apply that to your own sort of structure this worked for me I was able to do full-time freelance work in this care and working in sort of outside of university now no here I Stephen actually are attend any lectures in binary I attended – I don’t recommend that as your academic and you need to attend classes what I would tend to do is go with briefs so I met my anticipation should a once and I use the rest of the time emailing her and I used drafts as well so your tutor can offer you drafts so if you have the ability use something like a Google Doc to share with them and get them to add comments and even if you want to speed things up remember bottle necking you know you don’t want to have that bottleneck so just call them up now as you can imagine I know many of you guys will have anything between ten thousand words to twenty thousand words all you have to do is increase the amount of this so for example this is just for example let’s say you have 90 days to do it like necessary I had to do what you would do is instead spend the sir 30 minutes a day that’s an extra 10 minutes from what I had and then 10 minutes in the evening right so you have 30 minutes in the morning ten minutes in the evening and you still double the amount of counts so if I was doing that I could have hit 16 thousand words for example and the research again if you want it to be topical I based it around coffee shops I worked and was around coffee shops every single day so what I would do is I would go up to people and ask them a question and I was hand access to data there because I knew they’re in a coffee shops and the reasons that and then I could quantify and acknowledge that in my research so guys again the 20 minute ization is something that I sort of experimented with in my final year something that I think works well and something that I think you can apply to all of your university work and also feel the course work anywhere always I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you found value I hope you can check out the PBS as well if you haven’t subscribed yet I put up regular videos for students that individuals with professionals and for those looking for productivity apps there a lot here I know guys I hope you enjoyed this video make sure a great day cubed up tip and I’ll see you guys very soon Cheers [Music]